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    In February of 1997 the Day Room Years site was first published to the web. There were only three pages and a Memory Book for all to share. Over the next 16 years we grew as our Lancer family submitted photographs, relayed personal experiences, planned and executed the best of reunions and rekindled friendships from long ago. There have been eight confirmed weddings from Lancers who were touched directly or indirectly by Day Room Years endeavors. Our mailing list grew from 80 to over 2000 Lancers from Class Years 1961 to 1979. We have sponsored, co-sponsored and/or promoted over 18 Reunions and Gatherings of various sizes. 
    As time moves on and new technologies came into play, interest, participation and support of the Day Room Years site has waned. For many of us the Day Room Years has been a good ride; but, even the best of rides come to an end.

On July 16, 2014 the Day Room Years site will go dark.
 Thank you for the memories.
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If you have any questions regarding the closing of this site, please call me.
Frank D Kelley '66
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The Day Room Years would like to thank the following Lancers for their generous financial support of our efforts in keeping the Lakenheath Spirit alive for all these years.

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English Tea and great Candies...
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Finding the Lost & Confused.... TV Show links
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Psychedelic...  and now my eyes really hurt
A nostalgic visit with Bill & Ben, Flower Pot Men!!!
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Remember your First Kiss???
Take look at the 'ol bird today... She is still just as pretty as we left her...
Pay the Ticket Master and lets go for a Train Ride....
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St. Louis bash 1991
The Class of 72 threw a great party! Wish we ALL could have gone!
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San Antonio party 1990
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The Tennessee 2003 Bash
Steve Knox visits with America
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Off to Camp Mohawk
W O W !
Found these three really outstanding British sites to visit!  When you visit, better bring your lunch.... 

Be Like Bob
The Romano Galleries
Lets go see a play!
BBC Radio 2
Reunion 2005 Dallas
We found some stuff you may have forgotten...
Teacher Teacher
We truly thank those who have supported this very special place.
 Thank you so very much.
Go Lancers!
The San Antonio Big Mingle
Sgts Peppers
A Lancer Memory Book....
Look what Kay found...
The Great Greenville Bash
British Comedies of the 70s
Florida Regional Gathering 08
Look What Ruth Sent Us
The 2009 Bash
Randy Spain's Shoebox
     After much consideration and input from the Lancer Clan, The Day Room Years will not be dark permanently but will be on an extended hiatus

We have started the redesign of....
 The Day Room Years.

Thank You In Advance,
Frank D Kelley '66
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